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I was pissed off… so much of anger, It made positive change in me

In continuation of my previous post….

I somehow managed to get into Spencer’s.

I was reluctant to accept the change that no body is behind me to say “I am there with you”.

actually i was used to this psychological dependence from my childhood, these words will be uttered  by my Mother/father/brother/sister/lover(now my husband:-))/Friends.

Now all alone in the new job, felt like a lonely tree without roots to hold. 

The day of Induction in Calcutta, there were around 50 new joiners in my batch, We were called RMT-2007 (Retail Management Trainees). We are from different parts of the country.

Introduction session,

“Bony from manipur, studied … here, my hobbies are….., My strengths are….., I enjoy…..” 

“Vishal anand from pune, ……………….” he was speaking atleast for 2 min. Many followed and spoke fluently except one or two like me


“Shalini from TN” thats it. I couldnt speak more. I wondered where these people got the flow?

It was break, 4 to 5 like minds formed their own group, its awkward to stay alone so i tried to cling to one of the groups, actually i couldn’t get along well with groups.

That was 6 days induction programme. Was in the same scene for 3 days. People gave their views, answered uninterruptedly when asked a question, Shooting questions (some of the questions was what i thought but decided not to ask). I was a silent observer.

What the hell am I doing here?

I was pissed off….. so much of anger. Decided to interact something weather its right or wrong…. 

4 th day I dont want to think what will happen if i am wrong, how fluent will I be?, what others will think if it is a stupid question?…. didnt give time for my mind to think of these….

Just asked a few questions, people around looked at me as if unexpected happened.

That was the time when I broke my inhibitions, that anger made me to do…

Later I was fair in interacting with people and last 3 days passed with ease.

Take away point : We will be good at certain skills but will be reluctant to exhibit that skill in a new environment, Just break your inhibition after all you will be master of it after breaking the inhibitions.




It was so harder to gain the confidence…… felt I was in battle field.

That day, lots of butterfly flattered, i couldn’t enjoy….. b’coz it flattered in my stomach. I don’t want to get out of my bed. Somehow managed to get up, had shower, dressed up well, actually in a professional attire for the first time in life. You know that was my interview day in Spencer’s Retail Ltd.

15 of my classmates attended the interview, I didn’t know they also had the same feeling. lub dub, lub dub…… my heart increased its pumping frequency. “Shalini, Come in please” receptionist called me. I went in… sat in front of brainy heads, the interview panel.

There was couple of questions which i could manage to answer, later the questions came like bullets from gun towards me… I managed to give answers but I was told straight that they were not satisfied. I wondered how can i make a right answer to be a satisfying answer? I was ashamed as they were not satisfied…. thanked them and came out of the interview cave where questioning loins defeated me. I felt coming out of a battle field.

I was not confident of getting  that job. I went out looking for coffee shop. Friend of mine flying towards me said” U R SELECTED”. My heart stopped, “Is it the time to play” I shouted at her. She dragged to the office reception. To my Surprise its true. I GOT A JOB.

One of the person in interview panel crossed by, I ran to him and asked innocently ” Sir, You are not at all satisfied by my answer how did I get the Job”.

He replied “Dear Kid, Its not how well you answer, its about how well you handled the stressful situation. You have done well so you got it” he smiled and walked away.

Oh that was “Stress Interview” until then I didn’t know i can manage stress well, one of the leadership qualities.

Got little confidence on me….

will share you what happened during my first few days in my job, One more shattering experience… will continue in my next post.