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I was pissed off… so much of anger, It made positive change in me

In continuation of my previous post….

I somehow managed to get into Spencer’s.

I was reluctant to accept the change that no body is behind me to say “I am there with you”.

actually i was used to this psychological dependence from my childhood, these words will be uttered  by my Mother/father/brother/sister/lover(now my husband:-))/Friends.

Now all alone in the new job, felt like a lonely tree without roots to hold. 

The day of Induction in Calcutta, there were around 50 new joiners in my batch, We were called RMT-2007 (Retail Management Trainees). We are from different parts of the country.

Introduction session,

“Bony from manipur, studied … here, my hobbies are….., My strengths are….., I enjoy…..” 

“Vishal anand from pune, ……………….” he was speaking atleast for 2 min. Many followed and spoke fluently except one or two like me


“Shalini from TN” thats it. I couldnt speak more. I wondered where these people got the flow?

It was break, 4 to 5 like minds formed their own group, its awkward to stay alone so i tried to cling to one of the groups, actually i couldn’t get along well with groups.

That was 6 days induction programme. Was in the same scene for 3 days. People gave their views, answered uninterruptedly when asked a question, Shooting questions (some of the questions was what i thought but decided not to ask). I was a silent observer.

What the hell am I doing here?

I was pissed off….. so much of anger. Decided to interact something weather its right or wrong…. 

4 th day I dont want to think what will happen if i am wrong, how fluent will I be?, what others will think if it is a stupid question?…. didnt give time for my mind to think of these….

Just asked a few questions, people around looked at me as if unexpected happened.

That was the time when I broke my inhibitions, that anger made me to do…

Later I was fair in interacting with people and last 3 days passed with ease.

Take away point : We will be good at certain skills but will be reluctant to exhibit that skill in a new environment, Just break your inhibition after all you will be master of it after breaking the inhibitions.




Student Leadership is it happening?

We, at least myself,  during my college days, think a leader is someone who commands, speaks with charisma, CEO of a company, A old experienced person…………. probably a rare human being. Concept of leadership has changed from traditional leadership to shared leadership. Somebody who can work well in a team and have the ability to influence the team is definitely a leader. With this definition I feel all my team members are leaders.

Those are the days where companies recruit candidates with good knowledge and train for the leadership qualities, today the need of the hour by corporates are instant leaders from colleges.

Is this understood by college managements? Hope not…. there is no syllabus for  leadership in the curriculum. Still leadership development is considered as one of the  extracurricular activities. But if we ask an educationist or a corporate “What is expected out of a student?” the answer will be the same “Leadership skills”

As per BASS Theory of leadership there are 3 concepts.

Trait theory, where leaders are born.

Great event theory, A crisis or important event may cause a person to rise to the occasion, which brings out extraordinary leadership qualities in an ordinary person.

Transformational/Process theory, People can choose to become leaders. People can learn leadership skills and become leaders.

Approx 80% of college groups fall in Transformational theory, but are the curriculum giving the platform/facility for this transformation?

I feel I am a leader now, if certain insights are given during my college days itself this transformation of mine would have happened several years back. Im working on how to provide this transformation to the student community…..

See you in next blog.Imagei