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Quit, when you think its no longer going to work….. Trying harder is stupid certain times.


Boss called me and gave a project, felt he believed me.

was so motivated about he selected me to do this when there are couple of experienced hands, I dont want to get into the negative track of why he has selected me to do this having more experienced people out there….

That project, if finished successfully, will add up to the company’s profit (a decent %).

Started with full enthusiasm and want to prove my stuff to the team.

How to start and go about it is my area of scope. Somehow done 30% which are all the basic ground work, I couldn’t go beyond that, felt my ideas and execution doesn’t work.

I worked hard, traveled lengths and breadths of Tamil Nadu, met many people. Planned each and every day and executed, something went wrong. Feedback from boss was “just go ahead”.

Some point of time realized this single project has already consumed 2 months in the financial year. I am not in track of my KRA (Key Responsible Area). This will badly impact on my performance appraisal.

Quit, when you think its no longer going to work… Trying harder is stupid certain times.

I learnt this during my quarterly appraisal. My Boss saw the progress and was unhappy  about my KRA and the special project both. He said, Understood the project needs good experience to handle.

‘Goddamnit’, I wasted a quarter of year for his experimentation. The problem is not with my boss, it was with me.

The time when i thought trying harder will not bring the result what is expected, I should have stood up and said, “Boss i couldn’t handle this, If i continue its waste of your time and my time”. In his case trying harder messed up.  HARD WORK NEVER FAILS IF PUT ON RIGHT THINGS