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Are you watching Got talent, Indian Idol, American Idol….. wow talent shows..


I am writing this to all parents in the world….

Are you a fan of talent shows in TV..?

Fascinated about how could a 4 year old girl do a perfect ballot?, how could a preschooler do error free gymnastics?….

Wow factor always attaches to something tele casted and congratulated by 3 judges.. (I am no way criticizing those amazing talents and the shows)..

The point is…

We have a continuous performer at our home. How many of us watch them and their details of growth.

He starts turning to his chest in the age of 4 months..

moves front and back at 6 months.

Supports whole weight on legs when held upright at 8 months

Looks at correct picture when an image is named around his first birth day

Walks, runs, plays alone in his second birthday

Enters into conflict with peers, he wins or looses doesn’t matter… still maintains good relationship… what a positive attitude?

Everyone can say these are all general milestones of baby growth… yes, of course.

But every child is fighting against its inabilities and wins over it, we simply call it as growth.

We have to see and encourage each and every effort made by our kids… At some point of time we will come across his special talent which should not be missed out….

The talent spotted right and focused by parents/self are in the talent shows….

So… get into the details of your kids effort. Do maximum to  spot his talent and develop it.

He will top the talent shows….