Blame it on the situation, not the person


You will always name at least two person as answer for….

Are you angry on any person?

Is there anybody whom you thing you are not their priority (esp whom you  think as your priority)

Anybody in your team reacts differently that hurts you?

I bet everybody will have some names for it.

but friends….

before judging the person judge their environment/situation, you will surely conclude the blame is on the environment.

For example…

That was my son’s first b’day. Invited few people those are close to our heart.

One of my friends didn’t turn up and she told “Unexpected guest came home so couldn’t attend the function”

I got angry and said nothing, cut the call.

later realized she wants to come but her situation didn’t allow her. I would have done the same thing in her situation.

If you don’t understand the situation and blame the other person, your perception is wrong. By this your relation with the person will be spoiled for no reasons..


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