Trying to be a leader – What best you can do?

You wanted to take up the transition of being a team member/follower to a leader. its a great opportunity if you tune yourself in a right track.

1. Master your area

Knowledge brings confidence and confidence is the lifeline of a leader. So you need to know in and out of your area of shine. For example: If you want to be a leader in Import and Export business, know how the product is produced to how the consignment reaches the customer, how many signs the customer has to put to receive the consignment.In simple words get into the details.

2. Find out areas of weakness and work on it

If you find you have best of knowledge and lack of communication, try, try and try to acquire the skill ASAP. Practice makes it perfect.

3. Learn to think from Other persons shoe.

Understand other persons situation, problems, strength, weakness and opportunities. For eg: If you are negotiating for a deal, understand that person comes for negotiation because you have something worth, try to find what is his need, strength, weakness etc…,

4. Be optimistic and enthusiastic, believe you are a leader.

You are in the process of transformation, in a learning stage. So you may fall sometimes,have self motivation. Its about how well you bounce back after touching the rock bottom….

5. Shed fears.

Get rid of all fears, after all you are going to master this skill. Shed the fear of failure, criticism and inability.


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